Discover a new functional parameter with our new biomechanical cell characterization assay. By measuring cell deformability you learn about cytoskeletal changes in your cells that are connected to many vital processes within the cells. This has for example big impact on modern cancer research… Read More

The Optical Stretcher

For the first time you can measure the deformability of your cells in statistically relevant numbers in a homogeneous environment. The possibility to simultaneously perform fluorescence measurements allows you to correlate your results to your biomarkers.The fully automated device does the labor and leaves you time for data interpretation. Read More

Contract Research

Profit from our experience in Optical Stretching, cell handling and primary tissue dissociation. Send us your samples and we will measure them for you in our own facility. We will provide advice for the right study design. You will then receive from us the raw data of the measurements along with a detailed report of the standard parameters.Read More


Learn more about the capabilities of the Optical Stretcher by reading related publications. Covered topics include technological descriptions, theoretical modeling and applications in cancer and stem cell research. Read More

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Optical Stretcher Info Sheet

Complex thermorheology of living cells

Sebastian Schmidt et al. from the Universität Leipzig published a study comparing the thermorheological behaviour of eight …

Deformation of phospholipid vesicles in the optical stretcher

A new Optical Stretcher related publication in Soft Matter comes from Ulysse Delabre and Jochen Guck. They …

Mechanical characterization of pancreatic tumor cell lines with the optical stretcher

The research group around Prof. Dr. Schnekenburger from the University of Münster published new optical stretcher results …