About us

RS Zelltechnik GmbH is a biotech and life sciences company based in Leipzig. The company was founded as Cellastix GmbH in October 2013 as a spin-off of the soft matter physics department of the University of Leipzig. In 2015 it was renamed to RS Zelltechnik GmbH.

Our aim is to develop, produce and distribute the innovative platform technology Optical Stretcher to be used in research, industry and medicine. The Optical Stretcher is a device for the contactless and marker free measurement of cell elasticity. Cell elasticity turns out to be an indicator for diseases, aging and other processes that cause complex modifications in shape and function of the cells.
A future aim of RS Zelltechnik is the development of an in-vitro-diagnostic tool for the charcterization of the metastatic potential of cancer.
The newly developed Optical Stretcher analyses automatically and reproducibly in high-throughput the deformability of cells by trapping them in two divergent laser beams. This solves the problem that up to now the cell elasticity cannot be measured fast and reliably enough.