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Complex thermorheology of living cells

Sebastian Schmidt et al. from the Universität Leipzig published a study comparing the thermorheological behaviour of eight different cell lines. They undermined the previously published statement that temperature changes largely affect deformation measurements of cells. The time-temperature superposition principle does not hold for all measured cell lines due to non-linear temperature dependence of intracellular processes. Three categories of cellular response were identified and could be explained by different structural organization of the cells. Therefore studying thermorheological behaviour can give valuable insights ... Read more

Deformation of phospholipid vesicles in the optical stretcher

A new Optical Stretcher related publication in Soft Matter comes from Ulysse Delabre and Jochen Guck. They investigated the deformation of phospholipid vesicles depending on the lipid compsition and the temperature. To do so they created setups with two different laser wavelengths and coupled in an additional wavelength that is used solely for heating processes. The publication demonstrates the utility of optical stretching for vesicles and comprises two models for drop formation and vesicle deformation in the optical stretcher.   Read more

Myosin II activitiy softens cells in suspension

A new publication in Biophysical Journal from Franziska Lautenschläger's group in Saarbrücken demonstrates that myosin II blockage leads to cell stiffening. Three adherent cell lines (3T3 fibroblasts, HeLa cells and TNGA mouse embryonic stem cells) were measured in the Optical Stretcher with and without blebbistatin treatement (causing myosin II blockage) and some other cytoskeleton disturbing drugs. The results are in contrary to findigs measured on adhered cells with stress fibers. The stiffening effect of blebbistatin was also observed for naturally suspended cells ... Read more

Cellastix becomes RS Zelltechnik

The new year brought some change to our company, namely a new name. We are now RS Zelltechnik, our products and our services stay the same. However we are looking forward to adding some new features soon and are keen to develop new cell handling and cell characterization tools for your benefit. So stay tuned! Read more