Innovation in Research
The Optical Stretcher is a novel laser tool to measure and analyse biomechanical properties, such as elasticity and relaxation, of single biological cells in suspension.
Contact-free cell deformation
Suspended cells are deformed by optical forces in a microfluidic system, leading to absolutely contact-free measurements. This ensures homogeneous cell handling and avoids artefacts due to contact-induced cellular reactions.
High-throughput single cell rheology
By integration of a microfluidic system about 300 cells/hour can be measured with ease. This allows for the first time to collect significant statistical data from cell rheology.
Timesaving, automated measurements
Cells are automatically delivered to the measurement region and deformed corresponding to the user-defined stretch pattern. While the Optical Stretcher runs the experiment you can focus on interpreting results.
Product specifications
included microfluidic system with two pressure controlled channels
Ytterbium fiber laser with max. power of 2 W per fiber
Installation on inverted phase contrast microscope
Housing for laser safety and temperature controlled condition
Optional combination with fluorescence microscopy
Software specifications
Control of all setup components and automated cell measurement by CellStretcher module
Extraction of deformation data from recorded microscopic images by the CellEvaluator
Statistical analysis and visualization of the characteristic parameters by the CellReporter
Access to raw data for your own statistical ananlysis
Optical Stretcher user